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Live Video for Managing Partners and Other Leaders

Gale Crosley, Allan Koltin and Angie Grissom join forces to discuss strategies for firm leaders

Thanks to popular demand, our first live video for managing partners and other leaders is completely full. Join us for a second roundtable on May 7.

Grab a cup of coffee and join leading industry consultants Allan Koltin, Angie Grissom and Gale Crosley in giving back to the profession as they share perspectives and insights on what’s going on, what’s ahead and what to consider as you lead your firm. This no-fee session is designed to provide guidance to accounting and consulting firm leaders. The roundtable format is geared to help you navigate your unique situation while learning from other managing partners, firm leaders and gaining insights from advisors to the profession.

Topics covered include:

  • The future is unpredictable but there are certain principles that are absolute
  • Your role in strengthening communication and culture in your firm
  • Pivoting your growth strategy and growth opportunities in the midst of this disruption
  • The Four Touchpoints: cash, partners, staffing, strategic investments and expenses

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We look forward to seeing you!