"Gale Crosley helped us to establish a foundation for growth that goes well beyond traditional marketing and business development. The results speak for themselves. In 2019 we were recognized as the second fastest growing Top 100 firm in the U.S., and all that growth was organic. Thanks, Gale!"

~ Kevin O'Connell, CPA, CEO & Managing Partner, MGO

Gale Crosley, CPA, CGMA is an award-winning growth consultant who partners with mid-market CPA and accounting firms worldwide. Using her uniquely imagined approach, CPAs and Chartered Accountants learn to apply discipline to achieve measurable growth. For 15 years, Inside Public Accounting’s Best of the Best Annual Survey of Firms named Gale one of the Most Recommended Consultants in the profession.

The Current Landscape

Accounting firms operate in a mature and complex environment. Core services are commoditized, and technology is transforming our profession at warp speed. Traditional growth approaches—individual contributors and generalist firms—are no longer relevant. Today’s dynamic market requires a leader-driven, strategic growth model with specialized services firmly undergirded by technology.

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Gale Is Your Guide

Gale has developed a highly successful model that envisions growth as a three-legged stool whose strength derives from highly integrated marketing, business development and product management/innovation. As markets and services evolve through life-cycle stages, growth strategies must evolve with them. That requires skilled growth leadership and constant vigilance around market conditions.

Once she assesses leaders’ aspirations and appetite for growth, Gale serves as a personal guide, rolling up her sleeves to help ambitious firms and international accounting associations on the journey to sustainable growth. Through consulting, coaching, keynotes, workshops and facilitations, Gale works to unlock a firm’s unique growth potential. She helps leaders assess and respond to emerging risks and unexpected conditions.