"After hearing Gale speak, our firm implemented many of the concepts from her book. Those concepts have also been implemented in some other offices within the Latin American Region.  We discovered that growth is not only a topic of universal appeal, but the approaches can work in firms all over the world."

— Sergio Villagarcia, founder, PK Villagarcia, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Latin American Regional Director, PKF International

Is Your Firm Ready to Grow Internationally?

What if you knew about a virtually untouched market where there’s little competition and nearly endless opportunity? Well, start thinking internationally. The international market for accounting firms is one of the hottest new areas, yet few firms are fully committed to growing their international niche. While it was once considered the territory of Big 4 firms, boundless opportunity exists for middle market accounting firms, and Gale can help you realize it.

Rather than merely joining an international network or association and hoping work comes your way, the firms on the forefront are applying proven growth strategies, driving and reaping the rewards of a concentrated effort. Gale’s clients include:

  • Associations and networks that want to deliver a powerful message, create greater synergy among their firms and increase the overall knowledge of growth across all their firms
  • U.S.-based CPA firms that want to create or grow an international niche
  • Non-U.S. accounting firms that want to take a more proactive and sophisticated stance toward growth

Just as in accounting where the debits are always on the left and credits on the right, the principles of growth are universal. Whether you are an individual firm looking to expand into new markets or an association or network that wants to combine the efforts of multiple firms to tackle the horizons, Gale has the proven approaches that can get you where you want to be.

"Our international member firms never get tired of hearing from Gale. They use her techniques to drive growth in their own firms, as well as to drive opportunities together with other firms in the Alliance."

— Karen Kehl-Rose, President, LEA Global - Leading Edge Alliance

"Gale's growth keynote presentation hit home at our worldwide managing partner conference. The ideas for growing an accounting firm are relevant regardless what continent you call home."

— Jon Lisby, CEO, Kreston International