Gale can support your firm and its successful growth through a variety of on-going consulting and coaching services. These allow you to continue putting into practice those methods already learned while adding to your growing skillset:


  • Designed to identify common issues and recommend solutions regarding firm growth. Identifiable barriers to success include lack of a common vision, lack of growth leadership, apparent underperformance, poor return on marketing investments and a host of other indicators of growth challenges.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Designed to facilitate an exploration of growth among a leadership team. Planning sessions include a discussion of the partners’ relationship with growth, appetite for growth, advantages, considerations and future directions.


  • Designed to increase awareness and transfer knowledge and skills in an environment of optimal learning, complete with lectures, exercises and case studies. Attendees graduate with a comprehensive experience in the subject matter, enabling them to practice new concepts and skills for growing the firm’s revenue. Workshops focus on leading growth across the firm.

Large Opportunity Coaching

  • Objective is to help a firm compete at the highest levels with specific opportunities. Includes a just-in-time workshop to transfer large opportunity skills and/or ongoing coaching throughout a specific opportunity pursuit.

Building Service Lines & Industry Specialties

  • Recurring sessions with niche leaders designed to teach how to find their unique strategy in a market or service area. Includes recommended approaches for attacking the market and activities to either get the niche off the ground or increase growth in established practices.

Successfully Hiring & Integrating a Business Developer

  • Hiring the right business developer is challenging. This service enables you to achieve the highest odds for success by matching the right skill set, assessing final candidates and crafting the appropriate job description, compensation plan and achievement milestones.

Speaking & Partner Retreats

  • The objective is to increase awareness, knowledge and understanding of leading growth. Retreats include keynote and breakout sessions discussing various facets of growth. Current topical favorites focus on strategies to deal with market conditions, leading growth across the firm, successfully growing service lines and industries, driving your inventory of large opportunities and engaging the entire firm in revenue growth.

Ongoing Support

  • Designed to guide you and your firm through the development of a high growth culture. Options include a comprehensive approach to getting initiatives off the ground, establishing effective practice growth processes, working with assigned leaders to identify roadblocks and solutions, designing practice growth position descriptions, interviewing candidates, recalibrating strategy with firm leaders and a host of other support activities.