Understanding Power And Politics Elevates Business Development

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Published by Inside Public Accounting, May 2018. Reprinted with permission. Relationships precede revenue. While accountants prize their deep connections with clients, relying on them for referrals is no longer enough, says Gale Crosley, an IPA Most Recommended Consultant. Crosley believes that building new business in this global, mature marketplace is complicated but manageable. Business development

Fuel Growth with an Early Adopter Program. How do you get to a market launch?

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Reprinted with permission from Accounting Today. In our profession, the word practice typically conveys a fairly narrow meaning, as in “the practice of accounting.” But successful niche development, which I consider an essential tool for growth, requires a different type of practice – practicing to perfect a new niche or service line. The most successful

Podcast: A Force for Positive Disruption

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On March 30, 2018 Gale Crosley was a guest speaker on Marta Alfonso’s weekly radio talk series, The Well-Heeled Professional. This week’s series, “A Force for Positive Disruption,” featured the perspectives of three speakers who are leaders and innovators in accounting, law, and technology. Gale and her fellow speakers shared their personal experiences, lessons learned,

Leading Growth in Today’s Complex Marketplace. Things are Changing and the Old Growth Model No Longer Fits.

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Reprinted with permission from Accounting Today. From the outside it might appear that public accounting is much the same as it has always been. CPAs pursue traditional activities such as tax, audit, and consulting services. To build their business, they lunch with lawyers and attend after-hours cocktail receptions. Yet beneath this familiar scenario, our profession

Sustainable Innovation. Sounds good. But what actually is it, and how do you do it?

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Reprinted with permission from Accounting Today. Everybody’s talking about innovation these days. The “i” word may be over-used, but when it comes to growing your firm, I’m an unapologetic believer in the power of innovation. This is especially important for mature service lines. Let’s start with a working definition. I love the one offered by